The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina


This photograph dramatically demonstrates the terrain differences in Madison County and the size of this project. The road running from the top of the picture along the left side is US 19/23; Asheville is off the top left portion of the picture. Mars Hill is just above the ridge projecting south in the center of the photo. The US 19/23 interchange, where the A-10C project begins, is on the left side of the picture with US 19 leading off the left border. US 23 then exits the picture further below US 19. Jarvis Road to the west (above) and Sprinkle Creek Road to the east (below) of the construction are visible. The first big cut on A-10C can be seen in the center of the picture, and the sharp curved area is the location of Waste Area #1 and the future site of the welcome center. North of that (on the right of the picture) is the location of a huge undercut site and where a large rock buttress will be constructed. Photo taken in November 1998 by the Photogrammetry Unit.


John Lansford
29 March 1999