The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina


This aerial photo was taken in February 2000 by NCDOT's Photogrammetry Unit. It shows the north end of A-10C and the south end of A-10D, including the Laurel Creek Bridge. The Area #7 cut is the deepest cut on either project, and will be over 500' in height from top of the cut to the highway grade when completed. A rock buttress will support part of the highway in that location as well and to keep the fill out of Little Laurel Creek just below the construction. The final grade on A-10C is designed in a 5% uphill direction toward A-10D and across the bridge. Due to a construction error, the excavation was begun in a 5% downhill direction, which could have resulted in disaster had it not been caught in time. Some material had to be replaced near the southern bridge end to bring the elevation back to the proper designed location.


John Lansford
18 March 2000