The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina


This photograph is looking almost due west. US 23 is over in the lower right corner, and Bear Branch Road can be seen to the west (above) the construction. Buckner Gap is in the center of the photograph, and just to the west of the gap can be seen another large cut. The sharp curve that can be seen in the background is the site of Truck Escape Ramp #2. Up in the left corner can be seen Waste Site #1 and the future location of a welcome center. The large area in the foreground is Waste Site #2, currently being used by the contractor to store sorted rock material to be used later in the construction. When completed, the waste site will be regraded and planted to help return it to a more natural state. Gilbert Southern's construction headquarters is down in the lower right corner of this photo. A rock buttress above the interstate and a large silt basin near the HQ are both visible as well. Photo taken in November 1998 by the Photogrammetry Unit.


John Lansford
29 March 1999