The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina


A-10C Map A-10D Map

This is the project map of A-10C. The project is nearly six miles long, starts at US 19 and runs north to Laurel Creek Road. Along the way it crosses SR 1609, Higgins Branch Road, Jarvis Road and Bear Branch Road. Of these secondary roads, SR 1609 and Jarvis Road are being relocated, Bear Branch Road will have an interchange built for it, and Higgins Branch Road will be grade separated from I-26. Roads such as US 19, US 23, and Sprinkle Creek Road are shown here to allow viewers to orient themselves when viewing the photographs, although US 23 had a small relocated section where the Bear Branch Road interchange is shown. Streams such as California Creek, Jarvis Creek, Sprinkle Creek, Laurel Creek and Bear Branch are also indicated for reference. Two escape ramps are shown, as is the site of the proposed Welcome Center and a proposed scenic overlook. There are also two waste areas for A-10C; one of them will be the site of the Welcome Center.

John Lansford

21 May 1999