The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina


A-10D Map A-10C Map

This is the project map for A-10D. This project is about 2.5 miles long, starts at Laurel Creek Road and runs north to the TN/NC border. The only roads it crosses are Laurel Creek Road (where the big 220' high bridge is located) and US 23 near the TN/NC border. US 23 parallels the construction for most of its length and will provide good locations for viewing the project as it progresses. The Appalachian Trail will also pass under I-26 near the NC/TN border where the interstate will cross US 23. No major streams other than Laurel Creek are crossed by this section of the I-26 projects, but Little Laurel Creek is immediately downhill of the construction for most of its length. A truck information station is indicated on the map right at the TN/NC border, and one truck escape ramp is shown just north of the Laurel Creek Bridge. There are two waste areas shown on the map for this project as well.

John Lansford

29 August 98