The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina


Rock bolts are long rods drilled into the rock face to provide additional support to potentially loose sections of the cut slope. This one is located near the top of the rock cut just west of Buckner Gap. The long grooves are the remnants of the presplitting drill holes that split the rock off on a smooth plane As the rock is blasted loose, though, each layer or "lift" is carefully examined for fissures, cracks and wedges that could cause problems later on. In this photo, a long fissure above the rock bolt runs across the lift from left to right. The rock bolt is drilled into the solid rock and a metal rod is inserted into the hole. Grout is pumped into the hole around the bolt and allowed to harden, and then the rod is pull-tested to insure it is solidly anchored. As additional insurance, a 20' wide bench is built into the top of the rock cut to catch any debris that falls off the soil slope above the rock. This soil slope can be seen at the top of the photo. Picture taken in February 1999.



 John Lansford
21 March 1999