The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina

Good photograph of Waste Area #2 on project A-10C. This valley originally was a fairly wide upper mountain meadow with two residents living in it. A narrow gorge between two mountains was the only way into it. One of the mountains is visible on the left side of the photograph. During the design process, a need for a waste site north of Buckner Gap (off the photograph to the right) was determined, and this was the only feasible location to dispose of the approximately 2-3 million CY of material. Gilbert Southern Corporation (the contractor) is using this site to both dispose of waste excavation and store rock material for later construction use. The road seen winding along the left edge of the waste site will remain in place to reach a small cemetery to the left of the photograph. Eventually, Waste Site #2 will be graded, seeded and encouraged to return to a high mountain meadow environment. Photo taken June 1998.

 John Lansford
20 August 1998