The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina

Gilbert Southern's maintenance yard site. The contractor needed a fairly large place to set up their maintenance and administrative buildings for this project, but the terrain limited their choices. Rather than setting up their buildings on the project and have to move them later, they purchased some property from a local landowner, built the bridge crossing Laurel Creek on the left center of the photo, and set up their buildings. The large structure can shelter one of the big 150 ton trucks from the weather while performing maintenance, and has cranes to help assemble the big earthmoving machines as well. US 23 runs from right to left on this photograph, and the road to Wolf Laurel Ski Resort winds up to the top of the photo. The large ponds on the left are segments of a silt basin used to filter out soil from the water running off of the project. The water runs through each pond, settling more and more of the silt as it passes through each one. The alignment of I-26 is right at the bottom of the photo. Taken June 1998.

 John Lansford
20 August 1998