The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina


This photo was taken in November 2002 by the Resident Engineer, Stan Hyatt. He climbed up the slope to the south of the Welcome Center to get a great view of the whole site. The truck parking lot is on the left of the picture, and the smaller parking lot to the right is for RV's, camper trailers, and buses. The parking lots close to the building itself are for passenger vehicles. A stormwater stilling basin is in front to catch the runoff from all the parking lots, and a sluice gate can stop water from entering streams if there is a spill from one of the trucks. Some of the landscaping is in place, as are the light poles, and the scenic overlook can be seen behind the building. The Welcome Center is accessible from I-26 only from the southbound lanes.



 John Lansford
09 March 2003