The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina

View of the last big cut along project A-10C. I took this picture from on top of a rock buttress built to stabilize the mountain to the south of this cut. You can see US 23 to the right of the picture and the columns of the Bear Branch Road bridge in the center. Faintly visible on the right is a power line running around the cut slope of the relocated section of US 23. This cut will produce enough material to build the interchange at Bear Branch Road, all the main road construction to Buckner Gap (about a mile), and still have enough left over to construct another half mile section south of that gap. Due to the isolation of this end of the project from the rest of it caused by Buckner Gap, though, several million CY of material had to be placed in Waste Area #2.

 John Lansford
20 August 1998