The Unofficial
I-26 Construction
Madison County
North Carolina


This is the 60" structural plate pipe that will run along the bottom of Waste Area #1. These pipes are assembled from four separate pieces and bolted together. The pipes don't have to be this big to carry the water underneath the waste area; rather, they have to be this big to hold up the immense weight of the earth material on top of them. The structural plate pipes get progressively thicker as the earth fill increases, from about 10 gauge (the thinnest) to 1 gauge with multiple bolts holding the pieces together. For additional protection all the 60" structural plate pipes have 1 gauge bottom sections (inverts) to help them last longer. The darker material under the pipe is a special gravel base put under them to cushion the pipes and make sure no large rocks are right under them. Each piece of structural plate pipe weighs about a ton and has to be moved by crane.



 John Lansford
25 October 1998